I drive for work – how soon after a vasectomy can I drive?

February 09 2021   |   News

A vasectomy is a very simple procedure and one which only requires a short period of recovery – but we know that some men considering having this minor surgery may have questions about having to take time off work and a potential loss of income.

This may be of particular concern to professional drivers who need to keep time off to a minimum, including those driving:

  • HGVs
  • Buses
  • Taxis
  • Delivery vans
  • Tradespeople and repair services 
  • Company representatives

The biggest fear about having a vasectomy is the unknown – but rest assured, there really is no cause for concern and you should be able to resume driving within a couple of days. It’s a short recovery time but each individual may be slightly different and men should refrain from driving until they feel ready.

Advice and information

Having decided on a vasectomy with Summerfield Healthcare, we will talk you through the procedure and provide you with advice and information on what to do afterwards.

We always recommend that you have someone to take you straight home after the procedure. This is to avoid any unnecessary movement or pressure on the surgical site caused by driving.

You should not drive until you feel comfortable and can undertake an emergency stop. If possible, you should rest and support your scrotum for at least 48 hours as the initial period after surgery is crucial for having little or no side effects.

Resuming driving

The majority of men will feel able to resume driving within this time frame but it’s important that they feel comfortable and ready in themselves and this is something best left to the individual.

This advice doesn’t just apply to drivers but to most professions. The majority will be able to return to work following a vasectomy after a couple of days but those employed in jobs where heavy lifting is concerned will need a little longer, purely as a precaution.

A vasectomy with Summerfield Healthcare allows you to be seen and book the procedure quickly and at a time convenient to you, and regular vasectomy surgeries take place at our clinics in Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton by Mr Andrew Graham, a general and vascular surgeon with more than 20 years experience.

The procedure is carried out as outpatient surgery in just 20 minutes under local anaesthetic – after which you are free to go home. It really is that simple!