Children after a vasectomy — is it possible?

For all intents and purposes, vasectomy is a permanent surgical alteration. Once it’s done, there’s no going back. Although it doesn’t affect a man’s sex drive or his ability to enjoy sex, a vasectomy greatly decreases his chance of procreation.

Should my husband have a vasectomy?

Having a vasectomy isn’t just a male thing – female partners can and should play an important role in the process, from the initial decision through to the day surgery and the recovery afterwards.

Five things you should know about a vasectomy

The decision to have a vasectomy is a big step and one which needs to be weighed carefully before committing to the procedure – but having made that choice, it’s a relatively easy path towards sex safe from the risk of pregnancy.

Sex and masturbation after a vasectomy

One of the questions often asked about a vasectomy centres on sex and masturbation after this minor procedure is carried out.

What does a vasectomy involve?

Are you considering a vasectomy but unsure about what it involves?

This is quite normal – many men think little about the procedure until the time comes to make that important decision.

An opportunity to raise awareness

Mental health amongst men – and the aspect of talking about it – is something we are constantly reminded our society can improve on…so we thought it was important to mark this week on our blog.

Five common myths about a vasectomy

One of the biggest problems we face when men are thinking about a vasectomy is debunking the raft of misinformation that has built up over the years.

I drive for work – how soon after a vasectomy can I drive?

A vasectomy is a very simple procedure and one which only requires a short period of recovery – but we know that some men considering having this minor surgery may have questions about having to take time off work and a potential loss of income.