Male Sterilisation

Male sterilisation, more commonly referred to as a vasectomy is a short outpatient procedure that prevents sperm from reaching the penis, effectively preventing pregnancy. Sterilisation is a common choice among men who do not want to have children, or in the case of parents, do not want to have any more children.

The benefits of male sterilisation

  • Quick and relatively painless surgery, done under local anaesthetic
  • More than 99% effective against pregnancy
  • Does not affect your sex drive, erections, or ejaculations
  • Easier, more reliable, and safer than female contraception or sterilisation

What is the procedure for male sterilisation?

Male sterilisation surgery is conducted by cutting and sealing the tubes, known as vasa deferentia, that carry sperm from the testicles to the penis. Once these tubes are cut off and sperm cannot travel there is no chance of impregnation because the sperm cannot reach an egg during sex.

The procedure itself is done with local anaesthetic and is an outpatient surgery that lasts only 20 minutes, meaning you can get on with your life almost immediately. Once the anaesthetic takes effect, your surgeon will locate the vasa deferentia tubes through the skin and make small incisions on either side of the scrotum. These incisions are no more than 1cm and heal quickly. Once the tubes are exposed, they are cut, and a small section is removed before the cut tubes are sealed or tied. Dissolvable stitches or adhesive strips are used to seal the incisions on the skin.

Why use a Private clinic?

Although the NHS does offer vasectomies for male sterilisation, there is often a long waiting time and mandatory counselling. You also can’t schedule the surgery to suit your needs – you take whatever time the NHS has for you. This could mean waiting months only to find that you are unavailable when they give you the appointment.

When you use a private healthcare provider such as Summerfield Healthcare, your care is our concern and we can offer quick appointments and the best quality care that is convenient for you. Our surgeon and clinicians are discreet, professional, and experts in their field and you don’t need to be registered with an NHS GP or referred to receive our services. The men we see are busy and have a lot of responsibilities; we understand that your time is precious.

Choose to have private male sterilisation surgery to benefit from:

  • Effective and permanent birth control
  • Quick response time and an appointments
  • Clinics that suit a busy schedule
  • Private, discreet, and professional care
  • A procedure without any kind of referral

Weekly Private Male Sterilisation Clinic

Weekly clinics are carried out by Mr Andrew Garnham. Mr Garnham is an expert general and vascular surgeon with over 20 years NHS consultant experience. Our clinics take place across the Midlands giving you options of a sterilisation in Wolverhampton or sterilisation in Shrewsbury.

Preparing for Sterilisation

Because sterilisation is a safe, easy, and common procedure, there is not a lot you have to do to prepare. The only thing to be aware of is that sterilisation is permanent. You need to be sure that this is what you want. Where necessary, make sure you speak with your partner as well to make sure you are on the same page.

What to expect after Sterilisation

You may experience some pain, bruising or swelling after the operation, but this shouldn’t last long and can be treated with over the counter pain medication such as paracetamol. It’s also advisable that you wear tight fitting underwear following your surgery to give your scrotum extra support and help with any swelling.

You can return to work within a day or two and as the surgery only lasts about 20 minutes you are free to go home immediately after. You should avoid heavy lifting or intense sport for about a week.

You should be able to shower or bath immediately, although your clinician will speak more to you about this. Make sure that you dry your groin area gently and thoroughly, stay clean, and change your underwear daily. This will help to prevent any infection or complications.

Men heal at different rates so when you start having sex again after surgery is up to you. Make sure you are comfortable and there is no pain. You should use protection for 8-12 weeks following your surgery as some semen will remain in the tubes leading to your penis. There is commonly blood in the first few ejaculations after having surgery, this is normal and not harmful.

Sterilisation is not protection against sexually transmitted infections so to protect yourself and your partners you should continue to use condoms to prevent the transfer of any infections.

Why wait? If you have considered your options and are certain you want to get sterilised, or if you have questions about male sterilisation, there is no reason to delay. Use our contact form to get in touch and book an appointment.